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Friday Catchall: Waiting in line (good & bad), green lights on 69

I drew two numbers Monday, 602 and B435. I thought B435 would live up to the hype; boy, was I wrong.

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Wiederaenders: News to turn your frown upside down

In a world in which we hear so many negatives — such as immigrant parents and children being separated at the border — there must be some positive news out there.

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Wiederaenders: Trash will exist as long as lazy slobs live among us

A reader recently wrote in to the Courier asking about a ban on plastic shopping bags: “Clean up on Glassford Hill Road!”

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Column: Jail tax vote and those pesky bot calls, scams

I have seen the jail votes come and go over the years, but assumptions still remain.

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Column: Road maintenance may need new tax ... or something!

When the discussions in Phoenix turn to roads, maintenance of them, and whether state lawmakers should or should not use Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) for other needs, Chino Valley Mayor Darryl Croft has an opinion: “Something needs to be done.”

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Wiederaenders Column: Stun guns on campus are a start

With great regret America witnessed another senseless act of killing this past week.

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Strange lights in sky were rocket launch

SpaceX delivers satellites into space

Did you see something bright in the sky Friday night? You likely saw the effects of the 18th launch and final mission of the year for SpaceX.

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Column: Dying over diesel comes down to what?

Like everyone else, I too have been shrouded in a cloud of exhaust from a diesel vehicle as one takes off in front of me from a stop.

Column: Some government funds are like oil, water

It can be confusing: a government has millions of dollars in one account, and a huge debt for another; yet, those dollars and that debt are like oil and water – they shall not mix.

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Editorial: The villagers are burning the village down

Donald Trump is quoted in a television commercial he does not care, followed by a litany of topics, much of it in clips of him on the campaign trail.

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