At this point in my life, I’m 69, retired, married and looking for something to do that brings me peace and happiness. At the recent Yavapai College Emerging Artist Exhibition I was awarded 1st Place in Painting, which is an honor and of course made me happy; but what makes me really happy is the process of creating art with fellow artists, students and teachers twice a week for four months, going to the life drawing sessions and generally engaging my creativity in the process of making art.

There is a lot of talk lately about loneliness in older people and how we should socialize more. Art satisfies that. Taking art classes at YC, I have found good friends, amiable acquaintances, and a couple of stinkers, too. We struggle with our projects or paintings on our own, but within the group, we share our experiences and enjoy looking at each other’s work. We learn from each other. We do not engage in political discussions. We listen to music. We drink tea. It is a wonderful way to spend time.

I write because I wanted to take the opportunity with my recent fame, to invite any of the many gray hairs out there who want to find the thing that makes them happy - perhaps it’s art. This community is full of very creative folks, and I would like to meet more of them. Register now for the fall semester. Enjoy the company of fellow artists. Find your peace and keep it.

Pat Castile

Chino Valley