Originally published Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 06:05a.m.

In my line of work, it’s hard to get away from everything for a few days, much less a week.

Today, laptops, cellphones, the internet, email and text messages continuously bombard our senses, especially those of us working in the journalism world where nonstop news headlines have wrapped chains around our reality.

Despite the crazy year it’s been, I was able to finally take some time off work and spend it with the family.

I was, in fact, able to figure out how to turn off email notifications on my cellphone and kept it tucked in a desk drawer located in my home office for nine straight days, looking at it only once a day for “just-in-case” sake.

It was a strange time. Although I’ve never gone “dark” before to that extent, it was good to take a break. I didn’t fire up the laptop, either. So in today’s world, I was pretty much unplugged.

Since the kids were still in school and the my wife was scheduled to work, I spent much of my time cleaning the house, binge-watching Netflix or Hulu, and of course tuned in to the daily Arizona Diamondbacks game.

We took the kids to Goldwater Lake, Watson Lake and Lynx Lake during my vacation. They spent most of the time chasing ducks and asking if they could pet them.

“Good luck,” I said, knowing full well no duck on earth would let my two little rascals catch them in fear of being forced to come home with them.

Other minor accomplishments like taking my son to his friends’ birthday party, driving my mom to Phoenix and spending the day with her, spending time in Cottonwood with my brother, and a few trips to the ice cream shop filled the rest of my week.

So what did I learn during the week of rest and relaxation?

Despite realizing we’re all slaves to technology (seriously, the first few days I broke out in a cold sweat dying to check my phone), I learned reconnecting with family has nothing to do technology at all, but personal experience.

My wife has always said she’d rather provide our kids with experiences they’ll never forget, rather than toys and stuff they’ll that won’t work in a blink of an eye. She’s right, of course.

And when I returned to work Monday, I had more than 950 emails to read through and plenty of phone calls to return from the sports desk. Was it worth it? Of course!

Till next time.

Brian M. Bergner Jr. is sports editor for The Daily Courier. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @SportsWriter52, or on Facebook at @SportsAboveTheFold. Email bbergner@prescottaz.com or call 928-445-3333, ext. 1106.