Originally published Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 05:53a.m.

Some students show characteristics that make them stand out from others. Blake Roskopf is one of those students. He has all of those traits that will make him not only successful as a student, but also as an adult. He has self-control, diligence and integrity. He is conscientious about his work and actions, and he is persistent when the job becomes a challenge. Several adults who work in our classroom complimented him on his patience with other students. Not only is he helpful to anyone, he is good at calming those around down when they become frustrated. Blake is one of those students that you’d like to have in every class, every year. Whether it be at school or at sports, he always seems to excel at whatever he put his mind to. He consistently demonstrates how commitment and hard work pays off.

In school, Blake’s favorite subject is Math, specifically multiplication. When he is not hard at work on school assignments he enjoys any and all sports. He hopes to one day be a professional football or baseball player.

Information and photo provided by Chino Valley Unified School District.