Originally published Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 06:04a.m.

“Election season is here,” someone commented to The Daily Courier this past week. They could not have been more correct, except to say it’s been here for some time now.

With that, in accordance with an established tradition of fair play, The Daily Courier has shifted into campaign mode on the Opinions page. For example:

• During “election season,” which runs into November, the Courier will not publish letters targeting or lauding any particular candidate. We also will not allow candidates that soap-box advantage.

• Letters focusing on a direct campaign issue will be allowed, until four weeks prior to Election Day — primary and general. Once early voting is underway, we will discontinue printing any additional letters about the issues as well.

Throughout the campaign(s) we will do our best to allow readers to share opinions about the issues and ballot measures, and to keep a fair balance of voices on this page.

When we occasionally reject a letter, it’s usually because it is too long, contains an inappropriate personal attack, blatantly false statements or those that cannot be proven true.

While we allow publicly elected officials to be criticized for actions taken, we reject letters that contain irrelevant attacks, including remarks about a personality trait, physical appearance, or their family members.

We also work to maintain a fair balance of views, so letters that repeat the same arguments contained in other letters — and don’t offer anything new to the debate — may not run or will be placed on a lower priority list, so that we can provide equal representation from other sides.

This was the case with the responses readers sent in about gun control, after the Parkland, Florida, shooting; once they began repeating the same arguments, the remainder were held for others with unique ideas, proposals and solutions.

This election season is heating up, particularly on the federal level, and looks to generate a lot more debate and healthy discussion. That is what we want to deliver to our readers. We will work to publish letters — and Talk of the Town columns — from all sides and perspectives.

You can also look forward to candidate bios, question-and-answer articles on the issues they will face, and coverage of local forums and town halls.

Until we close in on Election Day, review what others are saying, provide your sources when submitting for the Opinions page and, then, prepare to vote.

— The Daily Courier

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