Tuesday, May 8, I witnessed a travesty. Three people, YC Board members, voted to increase my property taxes 2 percent. That is a school board raising its own revenue. Where did they get that power? Three individuals forcing thousands of Yavapai County property owners to pay up.

Not even Senators can do that. Only House Representatives in the Legislature can initiate revenue bills (Art.1, Sec.7).

The Constitution is the ‘Supreme Law of the land,” (Art. VI, Par. 2). Since all State Officials are required to take the Constitutional Oath (Art. VI, Par. 3), State Laws cannot violate the Federal Constitution.

Despite political rhetoric, most home owners are not ‘filthy rich.’ We chose to sign a mortgage for raising our family and a place to live till we die. That mortgage payment included principle, interest, insurance and TAXES.

My original mortgage payment was less than $100. Before my last payment, taxes raised it to $120. Now, with just taxes, my amortized payment is almost $90. Though I own the title, free and clear, I am forced to rent it from Yavapai County. If I fail to pay, I lose my home. And, those three people could care less.

A few weeks ago, Daily Courier, in fine print, listed over 1,000 properties on the County auction block. A new list is printed every year. That is theft.

The Preamble gives reasons for our Constitution. The last, being to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” Taxing us out of our homes violates that Liberty.

Want to solve the homeless problem? Stop stealing our property!!!

Leon Kremer