AARF Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is a non-profit shelter and foster based dog and cat rescue group, located at 6639 S. Country Road, Mayer, on a 10-acre property, will soon be open, according to a news release.

Animals from overcrowded shelters and within our community will be selected, evaluated and vetted for adoption. AARF will be staffed by volunteers and supported through tax-deductible donations and grants.

Liz Stegmeir, who managed Circle L Ranch’s dog rescue for seven years, is the board president of AARF. Stegmeir is well known and highly regarded in the rescue community.

The remaining board is comprised of local seasoned rescuers dedicated to assisting the community resolve the plight of homeless pets through education, training and vetting surrendered pets and networking with other local resources to address homeless animal situations, the news release from Board Secretary Toby Frost states.

“We are asking for our community's help to achieve AARF’s vision. Please see our Facebook page aarfanimalrescue for the ‘Wish List’ and other information,” Frost wrote. “We also welcome volunteers with various skills, time and creative ideas.

“If you love animals and want to save lives, this is definitely the ‘place to be.’”

To volunteer or offer support, or learn more about AARF, contact Liz at aarfanimalrescue@gmail.com.

AARF is now seeking fosters, positive-dog trainers, dog and cat care givers, construction workers and fundraising planners.

AARF also accepts donations — checks or gift cards can be mailed to AARF Animal Rescue, 6639 S. Country Road, Mayer, AZ 86333. Please indicate if you want it used for a specific purpose or item.

AARF’s “Wish list” is on Amazon at this link https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/CK6EGVJ9KMMW/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1.

There is also a Go Fund Me page under AARF https://www.gofundme.com/one-by-one-until-there-are-none.

For more information, call 928-925-7219.