Originally published Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 05:56a.m.

People in America have been volunteering to help others since 1896. Each year approximately two million people in hundreds of communities across America volunteer.

Chino Valley has many wonderful volunteers that help in various areas of our town like helping at the Senior Center by being a greeter, helping at the Thrift Store, Meals on Wheels, helping in the kitchen and the front desk.

Other volunteers are members of the various boards affiliated with the town, others help at the Library with Friends of the Library, by sorting and shelving books etc., at the Animal Shelter, by walking the dogs, cleaning the kennels, and helping to transport animals to and from the shelter, also people volunteer at the Chino Valley Police Department with Citizens Patrol, helping with evidence and arms training and more, and the Antelope Garden Club members who keep up the maintenance of the library, and Senior Center with beautiful flowers etc.

The Town of Chino Valley’s Mayor and council and town workers want the volunteers to know how much they are appreciated by having a Volunteers Appreciation Reception.

Lois Bornkessel, a senior administrative technician with the town, is in charge of the event.

“We have been having this annual reception for the volunteers since 2012, which takes place at the Senior Center with Mayor Darryl Croft as the host, and he speaks to all the volunteers to thank them for their service,” Bornkessel explained.

This year the theme is “Heart of the Community” and will be held from 3 to 4 p.m. Thursday, May 10, she said. “We have a delicious buffet (prepared by the Senior Center staff) who also setup and decorate the tables.

“Our town has approximately 250 volunteers who work 15,000 hours a year. We hope that each volunteer leaves the event knowing how much they are valued,” she added.

“I and all the town members who help me with this event get a lot of satisfaction in letting these volunteers know how much their time is appreciated by all of us,” Bornkessel said.

“Each volunteer is truly an inspiration to the entire community.”