Originally published Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 06:00a.m.

Mallory Owen is an exceptional third grader at Del Rio School and that is why we nominated her as the Student of the Week. Here are some things her teachers and staff have to say about her:

From our librarian, Ms. Rhea: “Mallory is always considerate of others and wants to do her best. She demonstrates good character through her actions and therefore sets a good example for other students at Del Rio. For example, she is respectful and a good citizen by following the rules and caring for others.”

Ms. Atwood stated that, “Mallory is an exceptional student! I am so honored to be her teacher! Mallory is so very loving. She loves horses and shares all sorts of information with the class. I learn from her as well. She is caring of every student and tries her hardest at absolutely everything she does! She is an inspiration. Her will power is incredible and her heart is huge.”

Mrs. Rock went on to say, “Mallory is one of the most committed and hardworking students I have ever had. When things become challenging, she is not afraid to try. In fact, she tries harder! She wants to always do her very best and will give up recess or activities to do so. She has a great attitude and is such a good example to all of her peers. I am so proud of Mallory and not only the great student she is but the great person has she tried hard to be each day!”

Keep up the great work and example Mallory!

Information and photo provided by Chino Valley Unified School District.