Originally published Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 06:00a.m.

The Chino Valley Morning Lions Club is proud to announce that it has been another outstanding year in the service of local nonprofit organizations and residents who qualify for sight and hearing assistance.

We sold all of our Christmas trees in December within three weeks, even though Thanksgiving weekend kicked off our selling season a week early and limited tree inventories forced us to increase our prices for the first time in several years. We had even more repeat customers this past year. We Lions thank you, residents of Chino Valley and Paulden — and beyond, for supporting us and for supporting your communities through the Lions Club donations that you make possible.

Territorial Days was our other major fundraising event this past fiscal year. Just over 500 folks enjoyed our pancake breakfast during the Labor Day weekend. The turnout was particularly notable since we know that many travel out of the area to visit with extended families around the state and country for the last major holiday of the summer.

We enjoyed a busy National Night Out in August in Memory Park with many of you.

We supported a mission along with local churches to provide medical services to two mountain villages in Guatemala.

We were able to support the Lions Club International Measles Initiative.

We sponsored a high school team in the Mud Run last fall and made a donation to the Hungry Kids Project and participated for the first time in the Senior 4.0 Dinner to celebrate high school seniors with a 4.0 grade average.

With your help, we donated to Leaders Dogs which trains dogs for clients in need.

We also supported high school students who competed in National History Day in Washington, D.C.

We distributed candy to hundreds of children at Halloween in the Park in October and we were able to provide a special Christmas for selected families in cooperation with the Chino Valley School District. And we donated backpacks, paper, pencils and other school supplies to students who really needed support.

All of these activities were made possible by the generosity of Chino Valley and Paulden residents. Thank you, all!

You’ll also see us wearing orange safety vests every quarter cleaning up along Highway 89 in Chino.

Now your Morning Lions Club has a request. Does anyone in the local communities own a used RV (recreational vehicle) that they no longer need? I’m not sure of my facts here, but I think the RV we currently employ at our Christmas Tree Lot participated in Sherman’s march to the sea in late 1864 (see photo). We not only use it at Christmas time, but store club supplies in it year-round.

We don’t need a top-of-the-line model or one that is new — just one that is safe with solid flooring. Of course, any donated RV would be a tax deduction for the folks offering it. Please check with your tax professional for details.

To comment on this column or to identify an RV that might be available, email wilaugust46@gmail.com.