Dear Town Council members, board and commission members, and volunteers:

As we observe National Volunteer Week, April 15 through 21, on behalf of the Town of Chino Valley, I want to express great appreciation to each of you for your efforts for the town throughout the year. To thank you adequately is just impossible.

To our Town Council members, Board and Commission members and volunteers, you each choose to spend hours of your own time in many capacities, serving at various levels for the town, sacrificing your personal time for the greater good of our community. Each of you has selflessly chosen to donate your own time for the betterment of others, placing the needs of others above your own.

An individual’s time is a precious commodity and once it is gone, it cannot be replaced. The town is grateful for your sacrifice and dedication.

Given the many needs facing our communities — and the fiscal constraints facing government at all levels — volunteerism helps communities to meet their needs. I am proud to join in this nationwide salute that will highlight the importance of citizen engagement, recognize the dedication of community volunteers, and inspire more residents to get involved in their communities.

Please know that through your efforts, each of you have made the Town of Chino Valley a better place to live, raise our families, work, and retire. We look forward to honoring you at the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation reception which will be held from 3 to 4 p.m., Thursday, May 10, at the Chino Valley Senior Center.


Mayor Darryl Croft

Town of Chino Valley